About Us


GLOSS entered the market in 2016 and since then has never stopped developing and presenting new products. Every day we improve all our products, learn from mistakes and move in step with the times.
It all started with materials for manicure, the main advantage of which was, is and will be professionalism!
Our mission is to provide nail industry professionals with the best quality materials in which you can be 100% sure.

The range of nail products:

  • over 180 stylish shades of gel polishes
  • acrylgel
  • disposable materials (nail files, buffs, lint-free napkins)
  • auxiliary fluids
  • gel paints and mica for designs
  • starter kits
  • lamps for manicure

The best manicurists around the world have been choosing GLOSS for many years and it is thanks to their love for the brand that we are developing every day and constantly developing new products.


The next explosive innovation was disinfectants. At GLOSS we have always known how important it is for our hands to be clean and well-groomed, because even the most beautiful manicure fades on unkempt hands.

And everything worked out – 62% alcohol + aloe vera + vitamin E = 99.9% destruction of viruses and bacteria!
The line of antibacterial gels consists of 9 incredible fragrances, and each has its own fans:
Bubble Gum (delicious sweet)
Citrus (fresh citrus)
Lemon (fresh lemon)
Pink Flower (sweetish floral)
Powder Aroma (calm powdery)
Sacura (sweet sakura)
Sweet Tropical (tropical fruit)
Vanilla (delicate vanilla)
Aqua Fresh (light fresh, good for men)

And large antibacterial gels 500 ml have been at the top of sales for more than one year. Absolutely everyone loved them – from large beauty salons and shops to office workers.

We have also developed disinfectants for surfaces, tools and brushes. GLOSS Polysept does not contain alcohol in the composition, it acts thanks to benzalkonium chloride and destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, etc. from work surfaces by 100%


Hand care is as important to us as a beautiful manicure, and after long development and testing, GLOSS Atelier fragrant light creams have appeared. The main advantage is the absence of parabens! The line consists of three flavors: peach, banana and grapefruit.


2020 has become an unpredictable year for many. Sitting at home, each of us realized how important the house and the atmosphere in it are. And now the time has come for our long-awaited novelty – the GLOSS Perfume Liquid aroma diffusers.

We have chosen among a million fragrances to create them – special, niche, alluring.

GLOSS aroma diffusers are chosen for home, beauty salon, office and showroom. Wherever our fragrances sound, in every space they will create that very unforgettable atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Thank you for choosing us. Love, GLOSS

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