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  • Brand: Gloss
  • Sku: 108125

A completely new product from GLOSS for nail technicians – Color Base Gel "Michigan" in a dark olive shade.

  • a perfect product for full coverage, that has a high-quality saturated pigment;
  • thanks to the perfect consistency, the base is easy to use and does not leak;
  • the material is resistant to chipping and other damage;
  • a good base for further nail designs.
How to use Color Base Gel: 
  1. Apply the first thin layer by rubbing. 
  2. Apply the second thicker layer.
  3. Cure well in the lamp and apply a top coat. We recommend you to use the GLOSS Non Wipe top coat without a sticky layer which will keep your colour coating saturated. 
Polymerization time: 
UV lamp - 30 sec 
LED lamp - 60 sec
Color Base Gel from GLOSS will become your favourite nail product. A 8-colour autumn trendy palette.

Keep away from fire and heat. Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth. Avoid contact with food. Avoid contact with fabrics. Keep away from children. Before use, pay attention to the composition and technology of the product. In case of redness or other allergic manifestations, discontinue use immediately. During pregnancy, the product should be used with caution.
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Volume 11 ml

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