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  • Brand: Gloss
  • Sku: 672116

The cat eye gel polish line by GLOSS is a combination of perfect shades and incredible shine.
Cat Eye 2 is a high-quality gel polish. It evenly distributes over the entire nail plate. It has an optimal consistency and does not flood the cuticle. A soft flat brush ensures comfortable application.

Application technology:
Step 1. After creating a manicure, polish the nail with a nail buffing block.
Step 2. Apply a degreaser and let it dry for 10 seconds.
Step 3. Apply a primer with a squeezed brush to the nail edge to ensure good adhesion of the gel polish.
Step 4. Apply a base in the chosen technique and cure under the LED-lamp.
Step 5. Apply the first layer of Cat eye 2 gel polish to the base coat. Do not cure.
Step 6. Use a magnet to create a glare and level. Hold the magnet over the nail without touching the gel polish for 3-5 seconds to create a cat eye effect.
Step 7. Cure under the LED-lamp for 30 seconds.
Step 8. If necessary, apply a second layer of gel polish using a magnet.
Step 9. To ensure durability of the coating and prevent chipping, apply a top coat and cure under the LED-lamp.

Create a bright nail design with GLOSS Cat eye gel polishes. The line is presented in 15 shades.
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Collection Cat eye
Volume 11 ml
Gel polish type Shiny

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