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  • Brand: Gloss
  • Sku: 8446556

Rubber Base GLOSS Premium Base, 30 ml is suitable for working with thin and weak nails, guarantees a strong coating and resistance to chipping.

  • Self-leveling, has a balanced consistency, optimal in terms of density and elasticity of the formula.
  • Distributed over the entire length of the nail plate.
  • It does not have a pronounced odor, it can be removed well both by cutting and by liquid.
  • This base for gel polish is suitable for applying using the leveling technique.
Volume 30 ml
Катерина - 11/07/2023
Гарне базове покриття) багато брендів тестувала в роботі, але зупинилась на базі GLOSS. Дуже зручна в роботі)
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