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The gel base for the gel polish Hard Base is an innovative base coat. It has a higher degree of viscosity than Premium Base, its properties are similar to a gel. Suitable for thin, soft and weak nails.

  • Provides coating strength and chipping resistance, strengthens nails, making them stronger and harder.
  • Self-leveling, has a balanced consistency, moderately thick, allows you to extend the nail, does not flow and perfectly flattens along the entire length.
  • This gel base coat is suitable for the repair and restoration of nails.
  • It does not have a pronounced smell, it can be removed well both by cutting and by liquid.
Important! Hard Base can be used:
  • as an independent product;
  • as an auxiliary product for perfect alignment and strengthening of the nail plate (apply a thin layer of Gloss Premium Base to the nail, sealing the end well, cure in a lamp and apply GLOSS Hard Base using in the specified technique).
Volume 30 ml

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