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  • Brand: Gloss
  • Sku: 108192

A completely new product from GLOSS for nail technicians – Color Base Gel "Alaska" in a saturated blue shade.

  • a perfect product for full coverage, that has a high-quality saturated pigment;
  • thanks to the perfect consistency, the base is easy to use and does not leak;
  • the material is resistant to chipping and other damage;
  • a good base for further nail designs.
How to use Color Base Gel: 
  1. Apply the first thin layer by rubbing. 
  2. Apply the second thicker layer.
  3. Cure well in the lamp and apply a top coat. We recommend you to use the GLOSS Non Wipe top coat without a sticky layer which will keep your colour coating saturated. 
Polymerization time: 
UV lamp - 30 sec 
LED lamp - 60 sec

Color Base Gel from GLOSS will become your favourite nail product. A 8-colour autumn trendy palette.
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Volume 11 ml

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